Steven Pugh Starts a New Job!

Sample Show Content ListI’m really excited and honoured to get to work for Electric Playground! I will be their webmaster starting on Tuesday. This is really wonderful and feels like my dream of working in the Game Industry is reaching fruition more and more everyday.  This is so awesome!  We’ve got some good revitalization plans and goals to grow the site a hundred fold.  Wowee!  Excuse me for one moment.


Reviews on the Run*ahem* thank you. Electric Playground is a show (both online and television) that covers Video Games, Movies, Comic books and anything cool* (*i.e. geeky).  Greedy Productions also has a hysterical show called Reviews on the Run with reviews of shows, games, apps, and other great stuff.  It’s hilarious, informative, and fun!  A big thank you out to Victor Lucas, host and fantastic CEO of Greedy Productions Ltd. (the owning company of EP, Rotr, and Greedy Docs)!