Mutiny: The Pirate Party Game

Some friends play-test Mutiny

Some friends play-test Mutiny

Made in 2006

Style: Party Game

Ages: 10+

Inspiration: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Description: Ever wanted to be a pirate? Well, join the crew of the Lecherous Seagull and find your fortunes! In this party game, crew members are all trying to steal the treasure from the hold while the captain sails the ship and its cargo safely to port. The Captain’s position is a tenuous one though as the crew regularly mutinies against him and try to take control.

The crew’s main challenge is to balance the need for money with the need to make sure the ship gets safely from island to island, successfully overcoming obstacles such as other pirate ships, storms, and the dreaded Kraken!

My biggest challenge has been that while everyone enjoys the mini-game challenges (based off of kid games I learned when growing up). It seems everyone over 18 gets hurt playing them.

Solution: I’m still searching for other active games that aren’t risky and have plans to add a digital element so that digital mini-games could be a part of the fun!

A host is required to guide players through the three phases of each round.

Solution: see the above solution – I’m looking into creating a digital host to lead the game. (i.e. a video)