I am Dovahkiin!

Huzzah!  I have gotten the Elder Scroll, gone over to Sovngarde, and defeated Alduin!  I am Dovahkiin!  Having completed the main quest I feel I have “finished” Skyrim and now will get to muck around doing whatever (which is still lots of fun, but also means I’ll be okay with working with the creator tool and not worrying so much if a save goes wrong.)

But to the Exciting stuff!  Here’s what my Priest Assassin Looks like!


Priest Assassin wearing Morokei Mask at Hrothgard


Argonian Priest Assassin at Hrothgard


My awesome game story:


I began as an Argonian Priest.  I did healing and Illusion (so I wouldn’t have to actually attack anyone – just get them to attack each other).  I wasn’t stealthing a lot then but found my illusion spells weren’t leveling up fast enough so did some enchanting and used a stamina stealing mace.  I loved that strategy.  Just whack ’em until they’re exhausted then finish them off.   Things were going well until the Bard college started looking interesting.  I didn’t want to give up my magical-ness I had been accruing as I had just started some of the mage quests at the college of Winterhold.   I started a new character which went to the bard college for a bit and then decided I would just do everything with the one character.  Well, I got bored one day and helped out a little kid doing some ritual wanting someone dead.  Well, he was part of an orphanage and I thought “just one evil deed to round out the character.  Besides I’m going to check out the evil quests eventually with this character.  Why not now?”.  Now I didn’t make my character sleep in inns – or much at all – so I did the assassination and went my merry way for quite a few levels before anything came about it.  About 10 levels later I was unearthing a dragon priest mask and thinking about how to solve the Labyrinth quest when I came across a quest that required me to go to sleep.  When I did, I suddenly woke up to the Dark Brotherhood asking me to complete some more assassinations.  I actually saved here and tried all sorts of ways to get out of it, but there wasn’t much option but to kill one of the characters or die myself.  So, I went through with it and considered just ignoring the assassin quests.

I went on to try companions helping me in quests so I could heal them and lightning bolt the enemies, but they kept getting in the way of my lightning bolts which I was getting quite good at.  Since I was so frustrated with them I thought I’d try a ranged attack that was a bit more precise – Archery.  This was a skill I was trying with the temporary character and really enjoying.  So I tried it out a bit and enjoyed the stealthy sniping.  That’s when I realized – Stealthy Archer Assassin! so cool!  And then even cooler – ASSASSIN PRIEST!  Life and Death with one character.  How even cooler!

And so, I went forth as the assassin priest.  Making potions and enchanting bows to great awesomeness.

My last aside which I think is worth mentioning.  right in the beginning I really enjoyed the underwater breathing of argonians.  I swam through the rivers EVERYWHERE.  So much! They were my transit system.  So cool.

Anyway, Check out Skyrim if you haven’t yet.  It’s lots of fun!

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