Geeking out on Game Theory

Alright, so my iPhone app has fallen a bit behind schedule because of a minor distraction.  I stumbled across a series of FREE video podcasts of Yale Lectures on Game Theory!  I thought, “Well I know I like this stuff.  I’ve seen some of it before. It should be a nice little show to watch during lunch breaks.”  Now I cannot seem to get enough!  It’s so addicting!  Everything from Prisoner’s Dilemma, to Mixed Strategies (both of which I’ve seen before), to Credible Threats and negotiations.  It’s fantastic!  They’ve done a good job at the class and I just love the material.  I must say that it also helps that there aren’t exams for me to take, but still – yummy stuff!  I eat it up like… well like great novels!  I should read more of those again…

Anyway, I highly recommend that if you haven’t checked out Yale’s free lecture series on the iTunes Store under Video podcasts then you really should!

Check it out here:

In other news, I am working on functional polish to make sure all the working bits of the iPhone game are nice and slick and easily extend-able for future updates.  Art and Music are next on the slate!

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