iPhone Game Development

So, I’ve been working on an iPhone Game in Unity lately.   I’m remaking Star Catcher (mostly because I saw an easy project and my previous iPhone Game idea – a racing game with a twist – got a bit large in scope for one person to do in a reasonable amount of time. )  I decided to make it small and doable quick.

I’m really excited and plan to be releasing it on the app Store at the end of the month (plus probably 6 more weeks after that for Apple to approve it.  So, two months away)

It should be great as I’ve added a lot more story to set the scene for Starcatcher and I am laid it out so I can have some add-ons you can purchase (extra levels, extra subplots, all sorts of stuff!)

I’ll have screenshots soon (once I’ve got some of the art done – it’s pretty ugly right now.)

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