Global Game Jam 2011 Coming Soon!

This weekend is the Global Game Jam 2011!  Thousands of developers and game design enthusiasts from all over the world will be coming together to create games in the space of 48 hours.  Trying to hit special achievement goals such as “Based on a True Story” or “Both hands tied behind my back” they will make innovative games that will push boundaries and will also be lots of fun.  During this event they will get to meet new people, both developers in and out of the industry, and get to learn new tools or new roles as they work to fill in any gaps in their teams as not all locations end up with a balance of programmers, artists, sound engineers, and other specialists.

Starting in New Zealand first and ending off with the west coast of North America, it will be a wild ride as thousands of games are uploaded to over the course of the weekend.  Check it out as it’s the place to be this January 28-30th!  I know I will be there!

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