Where I'm headed

Here’s a brief overview of where I’m looking to go with my career.  I’m interested in game design: experimental and innovate game design.  My previous game design hobby work has been board, card, and party games.  I would like to add digital media to these genres and bridge the gap between the real world and digital media.  So many games are forcing you to hide in the corner and play only at your computer.  I want to make it so you can play those games out in the real world.

Okay, maybe not first person shooters.  But there are many games, such as the Adventure Racers (think Amazing Race) that could use digital media to make their games so much more with much less work (once the initial infrastructure is in place)  I want to leverage digital media and help people realize it in a way where it’s integrated with the real world and isn’t holing people up in virtual worlds while they let the real world go to wreck and ruin.  That’s important to me.

It all has to begin with casual games.  Because casual games reach the masses.  Previously casual games were board games and that’s one of the reasons that I study them so much (and because I love games that get you face-to-face with your opponent).

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