Steve Jobs has Ended his Job

Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO.  Wow!  Time to sell your Apple Stock!  hahaha.  Hopefully, it won’t be as drastic a fall as Microsoft took when Bill Gates left, but then again, Microsoft seemed to be trying to head every which way while Apple has always seemed quite unified in one direction.  So it should hold up well with new CEO, former COO, Mr. Cook.

What this means for Apple as they head forward is unsure right away stock-wise, but we’ll see in the coming months and years.

Check out the full article here.

Fringe Festival 2011

Alright, the summer is winding down (what little there was in Vancouver) but that means only one thing: The Fringe Festival is coming to town!

September 6 – 24th there are going to be tons of plays put on by talented artists!  I am renewing my vigilance this year on seeing productions in odd locations.  I am going to check out “Wreckage” down at the docks, and a “Truck full of Chickens” both sound interesting Bring your own venue locations.  (I’m hoping that while it’s at a church that it’s just using the parking lots for a truck of audience members.)

Truck full of Chickens description - Click on me for Details

I am also going to be checking out the “Peter ‘n’ Chris Show!”  Because every year it has been hilarious and fun!

The Peter and Chris Show - Click on me for details

Another one that looks like it’s in a strange venue is by Itsazoo Productions.  Under a bridge and I think with a boat… called “Stay away from my boat @$$hole!”  Peter (or was it Chris) I first saw in an Itsazoo Productions and they were fantastic.  So I recommend it highly.

Stay away from my boat - Click on me for details

You may also notice that my screenshots conveniently include some other plays… whoops!  heehee (maybe they will appeal to you if my recommendations don’t.)  If you didn’t notice, you can also click on the pictures to be taken to a page with more details on them.  So go check out the Fringe Festival and support the artists!