Fringe Festival 2011

Alright, the summer is winding down (what little there was in Vancouver) but that means only one thing: The Fringe Festival is coming to town!

September 6 – 24th there are going to be tons of plays put on by talented artists!  I am renewing my vigilance this year on seeing productions in odd locations.  I am going to check out “Wreckage” down at the docks, and a “Truck full of Chickens” both sound interesting Bring your own venue locations.  (I’m hoping that while it’s at a church that it’s just using the parking lots for a truck of audience members.)

Truck full of Chickens description - Click on me for Details

I am also going to be checking out the “Peter ‘n’ Chris Show!”  Because every year it has been hilarious and fun!

The Peter and Chris Show - Click on me for details

Another one that looks like it’s in a strange venue is by Itsazoo Productions.  Under a bridge and I think with a boat… called “Stay away from my boat @$$hole!”  Peter (or was it Chris) I first saw in an Itsazoo Productions and they were fantastic.  So I recommend it highly.

Stay away from my boat - Click on me for details

You may also notice that my screenshots conveniently include some other plays… whoops!  heehee (maybe they will appeal to you if my recommendations don’t.)  If you didn’t notice, you can also click on the pictures to be taken to a page with more details on them.  So go check out the Fringe Festival and support the artists!

iPhone Game Development

So, I’ve been working on an iPhone Game in Unity lately.   I’m remaking Star Catcher (mostly because I saw an easy project and my previous iPhone Game idea – a racing game with a twist – got a bit large in scope for one person to do in a reasonable amount of time. )  I decided to make it small and doable quick.

I’m really excited and plan to be releasing it on the app Store at the end of the month (plus probably 6 more weeks after that for Apple to approve it.  So, two months away)

It should be great as I’ve added a lot more story to set the scene for Starcatcher and I am laid it out so I can have some add-ons you can purchase (extra levels, extra subplots, all sorts of stuff!)

I’ll have screenshots soon (once I’ve got some of the art done – it’s pretty ugly right now.)

Global Game Jam 2011 Coming Soon!

This weekend is the Global Game Jam 2011!  Thousands of developers and game design enthusiasts from all over the world will be coming together to create games in the space of 48 hours.  Trying to hit special achievement goals such as “Based on a True Story” or “Both hands tied behind my back” they will make innovative games that will push boundaries and will also be lots of fun.  During this event they will get to meet new people, both developers in and out of the industry, and get to learn new tools or new roles as they work to fill in any gaps in their teams as not all locations end up with a balance of programmers, artists, sound engineers, and other specialists.

Starting in New Zealand first and ending off with the west coast of North America, it will be a wild ride as thousands of games are uploaded to over the course of the weekend.  Check it out as it’s the place to be this January 28-30th!  I know I will be there!

Interactive Performance

I’m really looking forward to the Fringe Festival coming up September 9 – 20. I love attending it because I love finding the performances with unusual performance spaces. My first Fringe I went to had a one-man performance in a trailer. It was all dark and each character was a different light source. It was very original!

Recently, I attended an Itsazoo production of Chaucer’s Tales. It was hilarious! All the actors hid in the audience and then came out to tell their contemporized version of one of Chaucer’s tales. They got the audience involved and chatted with us and we even got into the spirit and joked with the different actors as we went. I love the interactive aspect of it and I ended the night thinking that this is how I want some games to be experienced…

Hello, World!

Hi! My name is Steven and I love games.   This is my first post so I figure I should mention the tagline under this blog’s title.  “Bring Lots of Games” that’s my philosophy to life (and parties).  The more you have the more selection you have to play until the wee hours of the morning.  Different games appeal to different people and I hope my blog will appeal to you.  I will have different posts of varying nature depending on what’s happening in my life and what I’m currently thinking about.

That’s it for a first post.  More coming soon.